How to win the top in Agario

These are games that your strategy and successfully applied (often in the top 10 in the game, and the highest up to the top 3). Do not believe you give it a try!
* General principles:
Do not be afraid of the bigger food, and do not try to eat smaller children by “chase”. It is difficult to eat this way (because children move faster eldest).

* Principle avoid eating (eating a whole or in part):
– Absolutely avoid close (or being pressed by) the bigger your child for 3 times to 10 times. Because you are the lure for the this: When they split in two, it is still more than a half you and you will easily be eaten. The only larger than 2.5 times or less, your child does not need to worry too much, because they separated although slightly larger than your first, then you can not be eaten.
-But Be careful when you close the vicious that is likely to be the prey of the Giant, because you may be feeling the pinch as the super big “illusions” to eat the prey!
– When was the bigger chase. Stay calm: If your child is greater than it was just less than 3 times, you just plug the run. If your child is greater than approximately 3 times, then ran around to it is difficult to determine aim. If at close range which goes straight, then you are vulnerable it is to shoot arrows!
– When hunted, take advantage of the “bush” by running through the bush, or running around in the bush.
– Do not stand huddled with the others place themselves on par, the cloud will become the crowd for the big prey. When the big chase, do not run the same direction as the other children running like you – the whole multitude of prey in the same place would stimulate older children shot immediately – if previously it was on the pitch!
– When you are quite loud (in the top 10 for example), be careful when they come near the bush, especially when there are other children in a bush on the other side facing you. Because it can “inject” into the bush meat, which was shot into the bush 2. You will be broken into smaller pieces when thrown into the bush, and it was a good opportunity for the other children to your cup!



* Principle efficiently:

– When you first enter the game, go eat food scattered around the lake to grow up quite a bit.
Pay attention to the small children by his third son. These are easy prey, help you add “weight” significantly, and also safe, because when you separated them definitely bigger still!
Do not try to prey on smaller, go eat food leisurely scattered around the lake, its proved harmless to the prey, so they approached her, they suddenly change direction & “clone” to xơi neat!
How to “obesity” is the fastest others eat, not eat food going around in circles!

Play – The smash-hit game!

Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the best of all time!

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