Table information about classes diepio

When looking at this chart, we can easily find:

– Classes – Class tank guns, rapid firing, including: Twin, Plank Guard and Machine Gun (but only up to the Machine Gun is dramatic needle lv 30).
– Class of tanks firing at, accurate, high damage including Machine Gun, Sniper.
– To survive, survive and get high marks in this, you should be safe playing style:
– When the level is low, try to find the point on the map has multiple blocks – Block to farming – plowing XP experience to level up. Do not pit ham PK, kill other players at this time.

– When you reach a certain level (in my opinion should be lvl 30), the PK new start, and remember not seek to destroy the high-level players more, unless they have some blood too.
– If you feel you do not “eat” is in the combat, it is best to find a way back, do not try because you can lose at any time online.

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