How to play high scores Diepio

The trick to survive in what is

* Try to level up quickly: In the first level, you try to find any location on the map where no one is competing, many blocks of triangular, square, 5 next …
* From the point of how community so that reasonable? According to personal experience, the first of the Bullet Penetration plus points and Bullet Damage. Then the Bullet Speed, Reload and finally Movement Speed. Later plus you admit then taking the first 3: Health Regen, Max Health and Body Damage. To accumulate points quickly, you can use the number keys corresponding to the order from 1 to 8:
– Key No. 1: increased Health Regen – healing abilities.
– Key No. 2: Max Health increased – up blood.
– Key No 3: Body Damage increases – increases damage when collisions with other players or objects.
– Key No. 4: Increase Bullet Speed – speed bullet.
– Key No. 5: increase Bullet Penetration – bullets fly without being blocked, penetration of bullets.
– Key 6: Bullet Damage increases – Dame of bullets.
– Key No. 7: Reload increased – speed loader.
– Key 8: increased Movement Speed – Movement Speed. When Tier 2 up – equivalent to level 15, so choose Machine Gun. When up to level 45, please take the time to go kill other players, will be much more XP points to destroy the boxes on the map.


* Some other tips when playing
– From level 1-15 you get out of the other tanks should only shoot the triangle, square and quadrilateral to level up quickly. Ok, this is a standard, easy to understand. Taller then it is best for the waste for whom farm.
– It should focus on improving the skill under 2 battle turns health and speed.
– Health Strategy: You should gain Body Damage (Raise tank armor) to level 5 then you focus Max health gains, Health regen, Body Damage (increase of blood and blood recovery) when your body rise strong enough to hit the obstacle or enemy tanks without spending serious blood is ok. Continuing you raise Movement speed (moving speed) and then continue to rise a few points for speed bullet and bullet damage (lifting shooting speed) for example, the tank closer to your tank. The rest you just touch tanks rivals midrange and small, and the bigger the tank, the little bit difficult.
– Chien turn speed: If you follow this strategy, you can say: “even if your tank does not run fast passenger fast my bullets.” This is also the second strategy that many options, preferred after health strategy. To increase your points for this strategy should focus Bullet points max speed (Speed-fire).

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